#ThrowbackThursday: First Memorable Read

first memorable readThis thing you (yes, you reading this!) and I have going on here is still pretty new and we don’t know much about each other, so how about we change that? I’ve shared a little bit about myself in my very first post on this website, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg, to be honest. Why don’t we dive in a little bit deeper and explore how I found my love for reading?

One of my earliest memories of myself reading is probably from when i was about 10(-ish) years old (I am terrible with remembering things from my childhood to be honest) and my sister, our cousin and I had been gifted this collection of classic fairytales and I remember looking through that book but never actually reading it. Back then I didn’t really care much about books and I did not take care of that book whatsoever. I don’t think it made it out alive.

51dkapf5aglFlash forward a couple of years and my godmother is over visiting us and she gives me this random book that I ended up absolutely loving and I read it so, so many times, it was falling apart (it was a hardcover too, just to give you some context as to how often I must have read that book). I have since looked it up on amazon a couple of times, thinking about buying and reading it again for nostalgic reasons. But at the same time I am really afraid that I just won’t love it as much as I did as a young teenager! And I don’t want to ruin that memory to be honest.

I just realized I wrote an entire paragraph about this book without giving you a synopsis, let me do that real quick!

This book follows Pia who is dealing with the impending death of her younger brother, her boyfriend Noah going abroad, her parents getting a divorce and having to go to a boarding school all at once. But Pia isn’t going to let these circumstances bring her down – she fights her way through it.

Sidenote: this book is apparently a companion to a German tv show, but I am 99% sure I never saw the show or knew it existed – maybe I should change that and watch the show!

To this day I remember certain little details about this story that will pop up here and there and I wonder how on earth I can remember scenes from a book I read over a decade and a half ago while having trouble remembering events from books I read last year. How does that work? You would think the more recent books would be at the front of my memories rather than the other way around.

But yes, this is the one book that I vividly remember sparking my interest and love for books that has lasted for more than a decade – even if it subsided in various degrees over that time span. In the end, I love books and reading so much – I keep coming back to it.

What is the first book you remember reading and loving? Which book sparked that fire in your love for books and reading? Let me know in the comments!



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