My Reading Habbits

my reading habitsEvery one of us has their habbits – things we do repeatedly and often subconsciously. For example, when I step into my appartment the first thing I do is lock my door twice and then as I turn away from my door I take off my shoes and then my scarf and jacket. In that exact order every time. I don’t even think about it anymore.

And just like that particular series of events, I’ve developed a few habbits when it comes to my reading. Today I am going to share those with you!
davBefore I can begin to read a book, I need to start playing some musicOver all the years that I’ve been reading I’ve discovered that I can’t concentrate on a book when it’s completely silent around me. I will pick an album off my Spotify that I know by heart and doesn’t distract me from my reading; lately that’s been Little Mix’ Glory Days. And I don’t listen to music loudly – it’s usually at about a 14 on my volume.
Now that I’ve chosen an album to listen to I’m almost ready to start reading – I just need to get out my collection of sticky notes or my highlighters (I’ve recently started highlighting in my books rather than just putting sticky notes down) to mark scenes and dialogue I really enjoy. Sometimes I get a bit over excited with sticky notes and my book is a SEA of colored taps and other times I only have a few here and there; with highlighters things don’t tend to go as crazy though.

Since I’m listening to music on my laptop, this is usually about the time that I exit out of
every window except Spotify to eliminate any form of distractionAnd I’m only allowed to open Chrome if I am going to update my reading status on Goodreads – I exit out again right after too. Otherwise I’ll end up on Twitter or Tumblr and spend a good 30 minutes just scrolling (it has happened to often).
davOne of my worst habbits when it comes to reading is the fact that I dog ear my pages whenever I put a book down for the day and very recently I also did it to highlight important pages in my copy of Heartless (using a page marker would have been the better choice, but I didn’t have any on hand). And I’ve dog earned my pages for years now. I think that’s a habit I need to get out of!

What are some of your reading habbits? Do you have any bad ones you wish you could break out of? Let me know in the comments below!



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