Top 5 Wednesday: Current Favourites That Aren’t Books!

non bookish favoritesI have previously shared one topic for a Top 5 Wednesday on my blog, but I wasn’t aware that there is an actual group that suggests different topics each month for it’s members to follow, so imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon it! This time around, I am following the topics suggested and for today that is Current Favorites That Aren’t Books! So, lets get started!

  • Hamilton Soundtrack

Sometime towards the middle of December I randomly watched a couple of videos of the Hamilton Cast performing at the White House and then also at the Grammys and Tonys and I was hooked. And once I fall down a rabbit hole, I have a really difficult time crawling back out again. This resulted in me not being able to listen to anything other than the 2,5 hour long soundtrack for weeks on end (I am still listening to it regularly now) and watching a bunch of different interviews the cast had done and re-watching the previously mentioned performances about a hundred times (I also still do that and actually just watched them all yesterday!). I just truely love the musical so much and I get all teary eyed and emotional when Philippa Soo’s Burn comes on – I can’t help myself!

  • Netflix’ One Day At A Time

I stumbled upon this beauty of a show because a friend on Twitter was live tweeting her watching the show and I just had to know more and decided to watch it too. I watched the first three episodes one day and then the other 10 the next day. In one sitting. I couldn’t stop watching for the life of me. The show tells the story of a Cuban-American family and features some of the most hilarious characters (grandma Lydia is a GIFT of a woman, I am telling you!). The show also deals with the history of Cuba, with social issues and has one of my favorite coming out story lines so far! Also, I wish I was as informed as 15 year old Elena is!

And after I finished watching the show I tweeted another friend of mine and told her to check out the show whenever she had time (she did and ended up loving the show too) and then I made my sister watch it too – which she did! Gotta support great content when you find it! So, guys: GO WATCH ONE DAY AT A TIME ON NETFLIX.

  • Little Mix’ Glory Days

I have been in love with Little Mix‘ music since very shortly after they won The X Factor (I actually discovered them because I am a big One Direction fan and Zayn was ‘dating’ Perrie at the time). I had to go through the withdrawal that was the time period between their second album Salute and third album Get Weird (it was HORRIBLE but SO WORTH IT). And then we were given the best gift yet in the form of their most recent album Glory Days! They have such a great mix of songs on there – from amazing ballads (no one does ballads quite like Little Mix) to some serious club songs! You can check out their videos for their first two singles off of Glory Days: Shout Out To My Ex and Touch! They are also finally getting the recognition they deserve from the BRIT Awards! And starting Thursday they are going to be on tour with Ariana Grande!

  • Troye Sivan’s Heaven

This is a very recent favorite of mine, actually! I stumbled upon it while I was watching Little Mix’ video for Touch – Heaven was one of the suggested videos. The video is absolutely beautiful, the lyrics are so, so good and Troye’s voice is everything you could ever want on a song like that! I haven’t really listened to many of Troye’s songs before – apart from the ones that were part of the three (or was it two?) video series he did a while ago and I really enjoyed those! I might have to actually look more into his music! Here is a link to the music video for Heaven!

  • Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You & Castle On The Hill

When Ed Sheeran announced his year long break at the end of 2015 I was pretty sad and at the same time anticipating whatever he was going to release after he came back because it’s Ed Sheeran! You know it’s going to be good – no matter what it is! And boy was I happy with what we got! I actually heard Shape Of You before hearing Castle On The Hill and for quite a while I didn’t care to check out the second single he released –  I was really happy with Shape Of You. But then I did and I absolutely loved the second song too! This man is a GIFT to the music industry to be honest! I can’t wait to hear the entire album come March!

So, here is a list of five things I am currently loving that aren’t book related! And yes, I realize that it’s 80% music but what can I do? I love music. I can’t live without it, to be honest. I constantly have music playing at home! What are some of your non-bookish favorites? Let me know in the comments down below!


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