Valentine’s Day Special: OTPs

valentines special otpsIt is officially Valentine’s Day and I figured today is the best day to share with you guys some of my favorite OTPs (I know it’s supposed to be ONE True Pairing, but who really only has ONE?)! I hope you guys enjoy them. And again, there isn’t really any order to most of these – we’ve covered my difficulties sorting things before.



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This is actually the one pairing that gets me the most excited at the moment (with Shadowhunters currently airing and all the Malec we’ve been getting!) and that I find myself fangirling over the most. But how could I not? The Shadowhunters writers have done such a great job taking these characters and giving us everything we should’ve gotten originally.


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Oh, these two! I do look back on my days in the Vampire Diaries fandom with mostly fond memories and it’s because of these two mainly. I absolutely loved them and I still do. I loved how their relationship developed over the seasons, how Elena saw the good in Damon and made him want to be a better person and how they supported each other and went through some of the most terrible things together – and they better come out on top in that final episode. I am going to be so angry if they don’t.

Brooke Davis x Happiness

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When you ship a character with almost all of the guys she’s linked to on a show (minus Felix, he sucked) but then you realize the one thing you truly want is for that character to find happiness. Looking back at what they put Brooke through during One Tree Hill‘s air time, it was a lot and she deserved happiness. In whatever form she found it in the end. I remember watching the episode when she gets the news that she’s pregnant (after being told that she can’t have children in an earlier season) and I just cried so many tears of pure joy for her! She’s also one of my favorite characters overall. Brooke Penelope Davis means the world to me. 

Some other OTPs I really, really love include:

  • Seth x Summer from The OC
  • Nathan x Haley from One Tree Hill
  • Jay Halstead x Erin Lindsay from Chicago PD
  • Lukas x Philip from Eyewitness
  • Jess x Rory from Gilmore Girls
  • Ginny x Mike from Pitch
  • Barry x Iris from The Flash

I would’ve included more gifsets for OTPs, but that’s just going to really slow down the loading time for you guys, so I picked three pairings I really loved and have for a long time to give a special shout out too!

Shipping is the most natural thing to me. Whenever I see or read about a couple that I think has chemistry and a great dynamic, I jump aboard that ship asap! And I do realize by listening my OTPs that they aren’t really that diverse and I apologize for it. I need to make more of an effort to consume media that represents life more!

What are some of your favorite pairings in tv or books? Have you talked in depth about your favorites on your blogs before? Link us! We would love to read all about it!


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