The Valentine’s Day Book Tag

Say it loud! (20)

It’s not Valentine’s Day anymore but I was recently tagged by kourtni @ kourtnireads. So here we go!

Stand Alone Book you love


Dystopian book you love

I haven’t read any Dystopian yet but I really want to read The Darkest Minds trilogy. (I also already own them)


A Book that you love that no one else talks about

I really liked this one and I think it’s a very touching Story. Although I don’t want to dictate what people should love but giving this one a chance might be worth it.


Favorite Book Couple

Cinder/Kai from The Lunar Chronicles have a great dynamic together.


Book that other people love but you haven’t read yet


A Book with red on the cover


A Book with pink on the cover


You were given a box of chocolate; what fictional boyfriend/girlfriend would have given it to you?

I don’t see any character as my boyfriend/girlfriend. But I bet that having someone like Inej from Six Of Crows or Dorian from Throne Of Glass as either would be great.

You are single on Valentine’s Day. What Book would you read? What TV Show would you watch? What movie would you watch?

I’d probably read a fluffy contemporary. For example The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson, or Lola and the boy next door by Stephanie Perkins. As for TV Shows I would watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine since it’s very lighthearted and fun. I’m not too keen on romance movies but I enjoyed The Notebook.

You are in the book store. All of a sudden you get hit with an arrow by cupid. What new release would you love


This was quite fun to do! Again, if you’ve done this Tag – leave a link of your post! If you haven’t you’re welcome to still do it.


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