Character discussion: Magnus Bane (Shadowhunters)

As you all know I love TV Shows and my favorite show (right now) is definitely Shadowhunters (airs on Mondays, 8pm on Freeform). I figured I’d share my, what feels like, endless love for this character. Also this isn’t entirely spoiler free!

How do I even start talking about him? What a great character he is? How important he is to me? For those of you who don’t know him he’s a Warlock who’s immortal and has lived for centuries and seen everything, done everything – felt every emotion. Not only that but he’s also bisexual and asian which is so important.

He has had past relationships (with a vampire named Camille who manipulated him over centuries and really fed into his insecurities making him feel like she’s his only constant) and pivotal moments in his life that really affected him. Magnus starts out in season 1 as very mistrusting of the Shadowhunters and kind of closes off emotionally up until he meets Alec Lightwood (who is a Shadowhunter).

“For almost a century.. I’ve closed myself off to feeling anything for anyone. Men or Women. You’ve unlocked something in me.” (Season 1, Episode 6)

“Magnus’s life philosophy was to keep moving, and in places like Moquegua he understood why it was necessary to keep moving. If he did not, someone might see him as he really was. Not that he thought he was so very dreadful, but there was still that voice in his head like a warning: Keep in bright constant motion, or the whole illusion will collapse in on itself.” (The Bane Chronicles)

“But in my moments of weakness I have my rock. Just as you have yours.” (Season 2, Episode 4)

“You hope the pain here will overpower the pain there. I wish it were that simple.” (Season 2, Episode 5)

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Now that season 2 is airing we have gotten to learn so much more about him and everytime we do – I want more! He’s such a leader for his fellow Downworlders that he would do anything to protect them! No matter what. He is the high Warlock of Brooklyn after all. He’s very powerful too so it needs to be shown a lot more.

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In season 2 we get to see even more of how Alec has opened up his heart and mind and gave him hope for love. To want to love again. Magnus has been with a lot of people but I think that Alec is the first one who really geniuenly cares about him in ways that no one has ever before. He doesn’t judge Magnus for being bi. He likes him for him. That continues to melt my heart, tbh.

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I’m sure that for the episodes to come we will see that progress and I couldn’t be more excited to find out what’s next for him (and Alec). The fandom talks a lot about how Alec is new in their relationship (Magnus being his first) but this is just as new for Magnus as it is for Alec, because he’s rarely every felt this strongly about someone. It’s important to realize that yes, he has lived for longer than we would be able to comprehend but, he’s going through new experiences, too.

As important as his relationship with Alec is I also want to see more of Magnus as his own character. Getting to know even more of his History because let me tell you, there’s a lot to work with there. In the Bane Chronicles Cassandra Clare touches on it but I want to see what the writers of the show will do in regards to his story.

Also I need to give some applause for how Harry Shum Jr portrays him on screen. The care that goes into this character. It just makes me feel like Harry cares just as much about him as the fans do. He’s also such a sweetheart, too.

If you watch the show as well and want to share your love for him here with me, feel free to leave your opinion in the comments! I love making these posts just as much as I love writing reviews for you guys but I want to share my other interests on here too.


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