Discussion: What Is An Auto-Buy Author? And Do You Have Them?

auto-buy authorsIf you have been part of the book community in any shape or form, you have probably been introduced to many different authors that people love and hopefully you have found some new ones you really enjoy reading too! I know for a fact that I have been introduced to some of my auto-buy authors via the book community!

But let’s start at the beginning: What is an auto-buy author? And is it the same as an auto-read author? 

Let’s start with the first part of that question: What is an auto-buy author? The answer? It’s an author you will buy every new book from – most of the time without knowing what the book is actually about. That level of love and admiration for an author doesn’t come from nothing, that’s for sure! I have a few on my list, and I will talk about them in a second.

cofAnd even with the people I consider ‘auto-buy authors’ I will still read the synopsis of their books (especially if it’s an entirely new world) to see if it appeals to me, because I don’t have a ton of money to spend on books and I want to make sure I only buy the books I can see myself reading in the future.

Is there a difference between an auto-buy and an auto-read author? Yes, definitely. Let’s think of a little scenario for the answer here: If I walk into a library and they have all the Marie Lu books availabe I haven’t read yet, I would pick them up immediately and start reading them – but I would not buy them all just because they have Marie Lu‘s name on them. And this isn’t because I don’t like her writing or anything – I absolutely loved the Legend trilogy!

That’s were the difference is for me: I have authors I will read new books from if I had the chance to get them from a library and I have authors where I will invest my money into their new books.

Now that we’ve covered what an auto-buy author is, let’s talk about the people I have on my (very short) list!

Marissa Meyer

cofUp first we have the very talented Marissa Meyer! I never knew I liked reading fairytale re-tellings until I stumbled upon her The Lunar Chronicles series and fell in love with a) Marissa’s writing b) the characters and c) the world she created! I put Heartless on my TBR so quickly last year and I had never been in the world of Wonderland before and didn’t know if the story would be appealing to me. But I ended up loving it! And Heartless really just cemented Marissa Meyer’s place on this list for me! Now I just need to get my hands on Wires And Nerve soon! But I’m a bit worried I might not enjoy the type of media the story is told in – I’ve never read a graphic novel before.

Leigh Bardugo

cofLeigh Bardugo is actually my newest addition to this list! I have read all five of her books – The Grisha Trilogy and her newest release the Six Of Crows Duology – and after finishing Crooked Kingdom I sat there like ‘No matter what you release next, I am getting it!’ and I have been anticipating Wonder Woman: Warbringer ever since. I do enjoy comic related stories (I watch a bunch of Marvel and DC shows and all the Marvel movies), but I probably wouldn’t have been interested in the Wonder Woman book if it hadn’t Leigh’s name on it!

Cassandra Clare

cofCassandra Clare has had a spot on this list for quite a while now, actually. I did read and really enjoy The Mortal Instruments and then I read the trilogy that cemented her place on this list: The Infernal Devices! If you’re wondering when I’ll stop bringing up that trilogy? Never. I just love it way too much and it’s a great story! I also finally officially own all of the books Cassandra Clare has released in the Shadowhunter Universe so far (but I haven’t read them all just yet) and I can’t wait to expand my collection with Lord Of Shadows (book two in The Dark Artifices trilogy) by the end of May!

Sarah J Maas

cofI don’t think anyone is going to be surprised to find Sarah J. Maas on my list of auto-buy authors, right? I mean, you guys have seen what I did to my copy of A Court Of Mist And Fury – which also happens to be my favorite SJM book released so far! It was so good and that god damn ending. I am still not over it and it’s been almost a year. Sarah’s writing definitely improved with each new book she released in the Throne Of Glass series and it’s on a different level in her A Court Of Thorns And Roses trilogy/series. Yes, I am aware that Sarah’s book lack diversity and that her male characters tend to follow the Alpha Male type of role. But I’m also not gonna lie and say I don’t enjoy that. I do.

That’s my rather short list of auto-buy authors, are any of them on your’s too? Or does your’s look completely different? Let me know in the comments below – I am actually looking to expand my list of authors I read this year and have made my first step in that direction already (more on that in my wrap up)!


3 thoughts on “Discussion: What Is An Auto-Buy Author? And Do You Have Them?

  1. I don’t really have auto-buy authors, mainly because I am very selective when buying books. But I do have a few auto-read authors, like Marissa Meyer, JK Rowling, and Jasper Fforde. It is nice to know that there are some authors that are automatic for me, like a security blanket haha.

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    1. Oh, I like the idea of some authors being security blankets! I’m glad that I don’t have too many and they usually don’t release new books in the same month (except for SJM and Cassandra Clare in May, and Lord Of Shadows is ridiculously expensive…), so it kind of works out.

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