Discussion: Personal vs. Professional Accounts

personal vs private accountsAbout a month ago, Jess from beaucoupbooks talked about why she doesn’t have a bookstagram account. Her post stuck with me ever since and I wanted to talk about a related topic today.

I created a bookstagram account to go with this blog to let people know about new blog posts and to post pictures in general. Or at least that had been the idea. Turns out I haven’t posted anything to it in two weeks.

It’s not even that it takes a lot of effort to post from the account. I have it set up within my personal account and it takes seconds to switch from one to the other. unbenannt5I just find that when I want to post about a book I am loving, I do it from my personal account. 

As I mentioned in my comment on Jess’ post, I love my personal account and post to it pretty frequently and it’s the best kind of photo album. I can look back at pictures whenever I feel the need to. I don’t have to go looking through a ton of photos to find the ones I know I was happy in. Those are all on my Instagram account. And some of my favorite pictures on there are really grainy pictures I took late at night because I was feeling confident in that moment. And don’t we all want to remember those nights? Whether we’re dressed to the nines or dressed in our PJs? I know I do.

But when I created this website to share another part of me with people who had similiar interests, I felt like I needed to have an account that is seperate from my personal one.unbenannt4 One that is strictly ‘business’ in a way. And maybe that is why I don’t enjoy posting to it as much. Because it doesn’t feel fun and easy and spur of the moment.

That’s kind of what I really enjoy about Instagram: posting the spur of the moment, easy and fun pictures. If you ever looked through my personal account and scrolled quite a bit, you will have seen all kinds of pictures. Me out and about with my nephews, outfits I’ve worn (and repeated a million times), selfies (though that’s been more of a recent thing) and books.

This is probably also why I don’t have a Twitter account set up for the blog. I have been on my account for over 7 years now (I think) and I honestly don’t think I would keep up with another account if I created one. unbenannt3What I just said about Instagram applies to Twitter too. There is so much of me in that account (even though you would probably never be able to read most of it, I have more than 38,8k tweets!) and I just couldn’t ‘abandon’ it for a new one.

Earlier today I decided to take down my bookstagram account from our sidebar and instead add my personal one. I know I really enjoy getting to know the person behind a blog and I feel like personal accounts are the best way to do that. I have more links to find me linked here, if you want to get a broader look into what I enjoy and talk about (it gets pretty random, let me warn you)!

And now: discussion time!

Do you have accounts set up for your blogs? If so, do you use them for just blog business or do you talk about everything and anything on them?

Do you have a bookstagram account? And how often do you post to it? Do you feel the need post consistently and does that take the joy out of it for you?

How do you feel about bloggers linking their personal accounts on their blogs rather than their professional ones?


8 thoughts on “Discussion: Personal vs. Professional Accounts

  1. On Insta I have a more business account but, honestly, I don’t use it much. I feel like I can’t post personal things on it which, kind of like you said, makes it no fun. Twitter I do use my personal account for my blog as well. It’s just easier that way. I KNOW I wouldn’t switch between the two. Also have a blog only Facebook account as well but I don’t post to it as often as I should. Whoops!

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    1. It kind of almost feels like its a NEED rather than a WANT to have multiple accounts and have specific ones just for your blog and most of the things that are a NEED tend to be less fun. Maybe I should use my personal Twitter for the blog more often too. I’ll usually just link to a post every now and then and just ramble on the rest of the time.


  2. I love this post!! I actually went through a similar thing with Twitter – I only made an account late last year and since it is linked to my blog, I thought that it would be solely bookish and professional. But I grew bored of that idea very quickly, and now I just post whatever I like even though it may not look very ‘professional’. I just don’t see the point in having social media if you’re not having fun with it. I deleted my Facebook account 5 years ago and it was a very smart decision for me because that website was making me miserable!

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it – and inspired it!

      Right? I feel like since I am doing this as a hobby purely, the connecting social media should be fun too! I’m glad you made the choice to use your Twitter to post whatever you feel like!

      Do you have your Twitter linked on your website? Because I definitely want to follow more of the blogs I read on here on Twitter too! 🙂

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  3. Tried Bookstagramming for a month and closed it last night – I feel liberated 😂 Yes a lot of good things can come out of it, we can expand our reading list but the unfortunately in my case there’s more cons than pros. Understood that every human being requires validation but we need to have a control of it. It’s like highschool drama with follow mes and like counts. I now read in peace 🙌🏻


    1. Yeah, I only use instagram for my own personal pictures these days and it’s so much fun! I love documenting fun days! I’m also a huge fan of looking back at pictures days/weeks/months later and just remembering how I was feeling.


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