Blogging Update

blogging updateSandra and I have been talking these past few days about where we want our blog to go in the next couple of months and we’ve decided to change things up a bit.

We have been posting pretty much daily for the past two months and while it’s been a lot of fun, it’s also a bit much to keep up. Especially if you have work and school like Sandra does! I am at home at the moment, dealing with some stuff so I have time to be online often and write content, blog hop and read but even then it’s kind of been bugging me a little bit.

We want to make sure that we continue to enjoy posting to this blog and reading and interacting with all of you guys. Starting Monday, we are going to be posting every other day. Which is going to result in alternating weeks of four and three posts per week, which we think we can definitely keep up and enjoy doing!

Over the past couple of months, we’ve done both Top 10 Tuesday and Top 5 Wednesday posts and we definitely want to continue doing them, as they are a lot of fun to write and a great way of discovering new blogs to read (which is always a plus!) too.

The only other type of post that is going to continue weekly is our Down The TBR Hole posts – we will just alternate between posting them on a Sunday and a Saturday! We both really love doing them and it’s a great way to make sure that we actually look at our TBRs and make sure that we only have books we actually want to read on there!

Other than that, we want to try and continue bringing you guys a new review every other week. We both still have a lot of fun writing reviews and we definitely don’t want to stop doing them!

As for what else we’re going to post? We don’t want to plan that out too far ahead! We want to give ourselves the freedom to write what we feel like writing more often! We’ll continue doing tags and/or awards when people tag us, of course! And we’ll also continue with discussion posts – Sandra actually has some really fun ones planned for the future!

So yes, that’s everything for now! I hope you guys are on board with this change – some of you might actually be relieved not to see us pop up in your readers daily and sometimes even twice in one day. Though that is still going to happen from time to time on days when Sandra and I both want to post something (wrap-ups, book hauls, etc)!

If you guys have any requests for posts you would like to see us do, please let us know! And please wish us luck for the upcoming weeks as we make the switch! 😉


9 thoughts on “Blogging Update

  1. I think that’s a great idea! It’s hard to find a good balance between posting as much as you possibly can and not putting too much stress on yourself, especially when just starting out! In the end I think it’s better to go with less posts so you don’t completely burn yourself out. Putting pressure on yourself to post more and more will eventually make blogging less fun. It’s a hobby not a job. That’s what I always tell myself when I feel overwhelmed 😂 I think it’s also a great idea to give yourself more freedom to post whatever you want. I have been thinking about that too lately. Anyways I’m excited to see the future content you guys will be posting! And good luck 😄

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    1. Thank you! We really appreciate the support. 🙂 It’s been great for us to join this community but we want to give ourselves more time and space to post and come up with more ideas as opposed to just posting everyday.

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    2. Yeah, definitely! I mean, it’s been still mostly good for the magority of the time but who knows what it would’ve been like in another month or so!

      I’m really happy to read positive feedback! Thank you so much!

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  2. Good luck on your new schedule! Since the beginning of this year I also started posting less and so far it has done be good. It’s definitely a lot less stressful and better concerning the time it costs. I’m happy you decides to keep Down the TBR Hole! 😊

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  3. Totally on board! I could never keep up with posting everyday, even if my blog had two people in it! So I commend you two for even doing that in the first place. I empathize with being in school and working as I am doing both as well. It’s a lot of work! Don’t spread yourselves too thin 🙂

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