5 Ways to deal with exams and the results!

The idea for this post actually came to me randomly when I was brainstorming my way through what I recently did in my life that I could be sharing with you guys, since a lot of you mentioned, that you love getting to know us a bit better with each post that shares a little bit more of ourselves. Talking about this also comes from a rather self-indulgent place because it’s kind of a reflection for me and to remind myself that no matter what happens that everything will be okay.

Recently I had this big exam (3 different parts) and it was one of those big defining moments for me because I have been building it up so high in my mind, I was really nervous but also determined because I really want to pass. (I’ll update you guys once I get my results next month!)

It made me think of ways I might be able to give people some advice on how to deal with the stress that inevitably comes with tests/exams that are really important for your future career!

#1 Don’t study all around the clock. Take breaks to let your mind ease a bit.

This is one of those things I’ve been struggling with a lot because I kept thinking what if I don’t study enough and then the results come back and it turns out I didn’t pass?. That’s where I realized – NO. I’m going to let myself have breaks and watch a show or continue reading a book. Just simply doing something where all of that stress (which mostly came from thinking about it too much, which I do quite often) gets some release.

#2 Remind yourself that if you don’t pass, it doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

Saying that and actually believing this are two different things – trust me I know. But I find that doing that, really helped me be less nervous and not see myself as a possible failure if it comes to that. Sometimes it happens because maybe you’ve been having a bad day or a hard time at home with your family and that can take a toll on you too.

For me, it was actually the first time going through something as defining as that because I already have plans for over the summer and the rest of the year – so if this ends badly – it all gets pushed back and I think that is what I’m most afraid of. Another aspect of my determination to pass is that I have been working for this moment for the past 2 years and that alone is just what gave me the motivation.

#3 Talk to your teachers, classmates or family and work through all of that together.

In the weeks leading up to my exam I had so many different conversations – be it with a teacher or my family – about what this means to me and how I can prepare for it and also be ready for the results when they come. Just having that bit of support meant a lot to me – knowing people believe in me – gave me the push I needed in the end.

#4 Give yourself a break after the exam and treat yourself (to a nice bath or some shopping)

This is exactly what I did once my exam was over. Giving myself a break really helped me come to terms with it all and find ways to unwind. Thinking about other things other than grades or my future for a while – setting it aside for a bit. Keeping that balance of knowing what I want for my future but also having a chance to breathe and reflect.

#5 Allow yourself to feel sad or happy – no matter the results

Letting yourself feel that is important because it helps with the process of – What is to come next for me? What will my future look like? Helping you decide where to go from there and how to find a way that makes you happy even if it’s not the way you initially hoped it would be like.

P.S: I just wanted to add that obviously, this is different for everyone but I hope this post helps some of you in one way or another.

Have you recently had that big exam? How did that make you feel? & Do you feel better now that it’s over? – Let’s have a chat in the comments 🙂


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