Update: Blog Theme, Header Image and Featured Images!

update theme imagesIf any of you guys are looking at this post on your reader and wondering ‘Who the heck is this person? I don’t remember following them!’, don’t worry! It’s me and Sandra! And while the content is still the same as always, our blog design has changed quite a bit!

On Friday (after yet another one of my oh so beloved sleepless nights #sarcasm) I randomly decided to give this whole blog design thing another go because I was honestly getting a bit tired of our blog (as I’ve mentioned on Twitter before) and I knew I had to change something. Which I have done in the past few weeks by including those lovely dividing lines in my posts – are any of you guys tired of them already? I also always wanted to use those pretty flowery divider images but I just simply wasn’t able to find something I really loved, so I never included them.

But then, finally! I found a theme I really enjoyed, created a new header image with the app Mikaela always recommends and then went from there. I used pictures I had taken myself a couple of weeks ago to feature in the header image and I’m really happy with how it turned out in the end. Let’s take a look at it again:


I really love the white background and more muted colors on this theme! While Sandra and I both really enjoyed our previous theme (I mean, obviously! We used it for months) we are also very much in love with this one!

As soon as the new theme and header image were installed, I suddenly wanted to do more. Change more things. Play around a bit more. Which is how we ended up with a brand new feature image for our posts! I am a huge fan of blogs that include feature images but I’ve always been a bit #lazy but I feel like I will definitely be able to keep up with this one as it is really simple and quick to edit!

book adaptations (2)

Oh, look! You guys are getting a quick sneak peek at one of the post going up on Monday – I hope you’re excited! We will be changing this feature image up a little bit for our reviews to show off the covers of the books we’re reviewing and each month we’ll start with a new color scheme for the banner!

I saw people on BookTube doing this and I really loved the visual representation of which videos were posted in the same month and I wanted to do the same thing for our blog too!

Once Sandra gets to play around with Canva a little bit more, we will each be using our own type of feature image which will make it easier for you guys to differentiate who wrote which post – but we will both be using the same color scheme so it’s still obvious that the posts are from the same month!

I hope you guys are as excited about these updates as we are! We’ve got a lot of fun posts already all done for the rest of July (I did post a little sneak peek on Twitter!) so we hope you’ll continue to enjoy our blog! Thank you for reading. 🙂

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