Life Update: How my exams went and what I’ve been up to

update exams etcHello, Everyone! As you might have noticed I haven’t been as active on here lately due to being busy with my exams and work. Now that both of those things have ended, I can take my time to dive back into things on here. I missed interacting with you guys!

Fortunately, my exams went very well! I ended up passing for both and now my apprenticeship is officially over. I’m feeling extremely proud of myself, not gonna lie. Having achieved this goal of mine feels so nice.

There were certain things during these exams that I haven’t done before so it was a challenge for me but I gladly took it because I wanted to prove to myself that I could do this, to succeed.

As far as work goes, I said goodbye to my coworkers and they wished me well for the future! I’m really going to miss them because we had a good relationship with each other and you don’t find that very often. To have them support me, when I needed it, meant a lot to me.

The only kind of slightly less positive thing is that I haven’t been reading much lately or rather not feeling like it. I get that sometimes when I read a lot of books after another. My current read that I haven’t continued on with is “Our Dark Duet” by Victoria Schwab and I hope to finish it soon so I can share my thoughts on because after having read TSS I just really wanted this book in my hands but the delivery took longer than expected.

However, I hope you guys have had a good time whilst I was absent. Tell me about a really challenging thing you had to do!



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