TBR Spotlight: 7 Authors I Want To Read

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Originally, today’s post was just going to be me talking about a bunch of authors I want to read but then I remembered that I started this little series on the blog where I spotlight certain aspects of my TBR – I did 8 books featuring POCs last month, if you missed it – and decided to include today’s post in that series! I mean, it goes perfectly with what I want to do and gives me yet another chance to look at my TBR and make sure that there are only books on it that I am still interested in reading especially since some books have been on there for years. Ooops! But let’s not get too rambly and instead start this post!

Pierce Brown


Up first we have the very handsome and funny Pierce Brown! I know for a fact that I have talked about wanting to start reading Pierce Brown books on the blog before, but it’s been a while and I need to remind myself that he is actually on my TBR and that Red Rising keeps staring at me because I continue to pick other books over it and that’s just not nice. And I am sorry, okay? I really am. I think I am going to make it my plan to read his Red Rising trilogy in time for the release of Iron Gold – which is a companion novel if I remember correctly. People are losing it over that release and I’m just sitting here with some serious FOMO (aka fear of missing out)! Soon, Pierce. Soon.

Laini Taylor


Next, we have Laini Taylor who I don’t really know anything about other than the fact that people really love her writing and that I haven’t read a single book by her yet. But! I actually own a Laini Taylor book now so I can read something of her’s – the question is just when? I don’t know if it’s smart to start with the author’s most recent work and then work backward, but it’s what I’m going to do because I really, really want to read Strange The Dreamer already (or listen to the audiobook while reading along)!

Tahereh Mafi


I feel like Jackie might be really excited to read that Tahereh Mafi is on my author TBR as she is the author of Jackie’s favorite series and Jackie keeps fangirling about it! I mean, I’ve read some of Tahereh’s work before (Shatter Me and Destroy Me) but I didn’t enjoy it too much back then. I am willing to give the series another chance though. But then again, Tahereh’s also has books outside of the Shatter Me series released, so I might just go for those instead – we’ll see! But I definitely want to read more of her work and find out if present day me enjoys her writing more!

Adam Silvera


It seems like everyone in the book community continues to rave about Adam, his writing and his books and I’m still sitting over here not having read a single one of his books! And the guy is releasing a new novel next month too – his second this year! And apparently, Adam loves to rip out people’s heart and stomp all over them? Sounds like a fun time for sure! Is there a point in time when it’s a good idea to read his books? Should I be really happy before so I don’t get too sad after I finish his books? Or should I be a bit sad already to feel the full force of his writing? Any suggestions?

Libba Bray


To be honest with you guys, the main reason why Libba Bray is on this list is her The Diviners series and it’s insanely pretty covers. I know that Libba has written so many more books, but I am mainly just interested in the Diviners series. But those books are huge. And while I’ve read big books, I am somewhat intimidated by the size of them! Do big books by an author on your TBR ever make you not want to read their work? Or do big books not intimidate you?

Renee Ahdieh


Up next, we have Renee Ahdieh! I feel like both her The Wrath And The Dawn Duology, as well as Flame In The Mist, are pretty liked books (the former maybe a bit more) and people tend to praise Renee’s writing quite often which has me curious for sure! And since I do want to read more diverse this year and read books set in places other than the US I feel like Renee’s books are exactly what I need! But at the same time, I keep putting it off to actually buy any of her books because I’m worried I won’t enjoy them? And what am I gonna do then??? How do you guys deal with that? Do you just buy the book and hope for the best? Or do you borrow the book from the library and buy it after if you really enjoyed it?

Amanda Foody


Amanda is definitely the most recent author on my TBR and I am so excited to hopefully read her debut novel soon! I keep hearing nothing but good things about it and Amanda really went at it and promoted her book and got me really excited for it! I just need to wait until the UK paperback is released because that’s the cover I want to own! It’s so pretty. Just one more month! I’m sure I can do it! Amanda is actually one of the few authors I follow on Twitter and interact with often which also kind of cements her place on this list! Whenever I think an author is great, I want to make sure I read their books too.

How about you?

Do you guys have any authors on your TBRs? Who is your #1 priority to read? Have you read any of these authors before (I’m sure you have as they are rather popular) and which one should I get to first? Let’s discuss in the comments below! I’m looking forward to it!

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