Review Policy

Hello, everyone! Welcome to our blog! We hope you enjoy it and have fun reading our posts and interacting with us as much as we do with you 🙂

We don’t accept any review requests at the moment because we both have quite a few books to review in the upcoming weeks! Thank you for understanding!

Before you request for us to review any of your books – please make sure you read all of the information here first before you put in your request so we can make sure it fits our guidelines! For any further questions email us at


Formats we accept:

  • Physical copies
  • eBooks in PDF, MOBI or EPUB


  • Young Adult
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Dystopian
  • Historical Fiction
  • LGBTQ+
  • Contemporary
  • Books with disabled, POC or #ownvoices characters are welcome here too!

If you want to see what kinds of books we like to read you can browse through both of our goodreads pages: Sandra / Swetlana

Be sure to check our Review Index in case we might have already reviewed the book you wanted to request for us to read.

*Please note: We both live in Germany.

Our Reviews

We review books as honestly as possible without diminishing the work the author put into it, so we make sure to write down our thoughts in a way that gives you a review that is based on the stories we read.

Please be aware that due to our new posting schedule 3-4 days a week that a review might be going up within 4-6 weeks after we accepted your request, as we don’t want reviews to take up the majority of our posts every week so we space them out.

However, if you want your book to be reviewed earlier than that, please let us know in your email so we can find a way to make it work for both of us!

Rating System

★★★★★= We absolutely fell in love with the book and the characters.

★★★★= A very enjoyable book that we would recommend to our readers.

★★★= It was good but not as good as we hoped.

★★= Not very enjoyable. We probably had a lot of problems with it.

★= Didn’t like it at all